Strategic Transformation Consulting

Create the next level of “secret sauce” in your marketplace through people and culture

Our Philosophy

Our consulting engagements give us the honor and opportunity to help you learn, grow, and achieve extraordinary outcomes during rapidly changing times. For us, consulting starts with creating a relationship based on mutual trust, integrity, and respect. From this foundation, our job is to listen with open minds, hearts, and purpose so that we may help you walk your own path to success. How will this occur? By raising provocative questions and challenging paradigms. By supporting your strengths and educating you with the unknowns. By leveraging connections, decades of experience, and buckets of untapped reserves of knowledge. Our work is always customized, always creative, and always evolving so that we can help you use develop both inside-out and outside-in perspectives to achieve your goals in rapidly changing and complex times.

"The purpose of an organization to enable ordinary human beings to do extraordinary things…to make ordinary people perform better than they seem capable of, to bring out whatever strength there is in its members, and to use each person’s strength to help all the people perform."

Engagement Process

What does a typical engagement look like?

While we customize and tailor our approach for each client, we follow a powerful process that integrates continuous learning, linear achievement, and nonlinear transformational leaps.



Most clients come to us with a specific problem or goal. So our work starts with deep listening that allows us to uncover the facts, assumptions, and hypotheses related to your ideas. Oftentimes, this discovery process leads us to deepen our awareness of the goal or problem through more extensive needs assessment steps, including: administering assessments, conducting interviews, reviewing available data and materials, and applying best-practice frameworks. Taking a multiple intelligence approach, we gain a sense of the depth and breadth of the problem and opportunity. We then work with the team to uncover roadblocks, patterns, tensions, and possibilities to chart our path forward.  


Most leaders and companies have to “be bigger” in order to “become more.” In this step, we customize a learning development plan that helps leaders transform their perspectives of the environment, industry forces, competition, internal resources, and strategic success factors as well as and their own management/coaching skills and interpersonal capabilities.  We also learn from customers, partners, and a broad base of leaders and employees throughout your company to gain a broad range of inputs. Simultaneously, we are helping your team develop the inner capabilities to rapidly assimilate data, insights, and creative ideas generated throughout this process.




We view the transformation process as a multi-faceted journey that must weave together both linear and nonlinear strategies and processes to activate your highest levels of innovation and performance. Starting with our redefined core problem and goal, we step left to identify the greater environment and move through identifying strategy, structure, routines and processes, and measures of success. We also step right, dancing with the traditional path to explore the edges of the unknown, capturing culture, re-imagining identity, deepening values and purpose, and accessing heart-based intelligence and the future that is waiting to happen. The overall goal: to re-imagine leadership and success in extraordinary ways in extraordinary times.


Exploration and transformation is nothing without implementation. Implementation is nothing without engagement. In this stage, we help you move the transformation throughout the company, creating a culture of learning, alignment, and performance in departments, teams, and individuals. We help you create your re-imagined strategy, moving from a “buy-in” to an “own-it and leap-from” culture. Richly-customized, we employ  action-learning, active-caring, and action-coaching skills to empower the implementation of your solution.



Renew and regenerate

As we implement, we continue to help our clients renew, regenerate, and transform within ever-changing realities. Our unique blend of experiential facilitation and expert counsel helps clients (throughout all levels of the implementation) to continue to shift their relationship to the problem and grow into the leaders they need to be to ensure its success. Within these relationships, new and powerful solutions and innovations emerge. As people learn to renew and regenerate themselves as valuable leaders within their work, so are they capable of renewing and regenerating the solution in their jobs and work. Our work often often leads to ongoing, regenerative relationships with clients as they face ever-changing times.

Your Roadmap for the Transformation Journey

Our Methodology: Caring That Matters®


Caring That Matters® is our proprietary methodology that will help you change the paradigm of how you do business and unlock new levels of growth, innovation, and value-creation across your organization.

You can start at any step depending on your highest priorities and greatest opportunities.

What’s different? Transforming the change process from the inside out.

Your most important differentiator

Caring That Matters®

Our process helps you solidify your business by building pillars of value and a foundation that strengthens every year.  


Creates your unique leadership identity and brand at your organizational core


Activates innovation energy and high-performance in people, teams, and collaborations


Inspires financial, human, and social wealth, resilience, and well being across your ecosystem

Imagine a new mindset for leading through these disruptive times. One in which your organization is human-led, people-centered, and customer-and community-focused at its very heart.

Realize Performance Results Throughout the Journey


Outcomes: Reduced stress; improved creativity and decision-making; better access to intuitive and rational intelligence; improved levels of resilience, well being, and emotional vitality.

Outcomes: Vision, mission, and values-in-action; care and impact definition and plan; communication plan; brand and reputation plan

Outcomes: Futurized strategy; strategic intents; measures and metrics across ecosystem


Outcomes: Customized education, development, and coaching system; assessments; and alignment Processes

Outcomes: Practices and tools to transform people’s mindset and behaviors; work structures and routines; assessments; and methods to gain ownership and alignment)

Outcomes: Employee and customer engagement, care, and delight programs; sales, services, and marketing customer-focused programs

Outcomes: Co-created plans for individuals, leadership teams, partners, organizations, and societies

foundational principles

Caring That Matters®

Our Seven Cornerstones for Consulting​

Our work is grounded on practices, principles, and activities that promote learning and transformation


Action- and practice-based learning, dealing with the strategic challenges and resources of the organization


Deep-dive journeys and open space innovation experiences to explore contexts, relationships, and ideas that matter


Practice scientifically founded resilience-building tools and techniques for producing generative conversation, deep listening, and authentic connections


Creative art-based practice fields for developing new skills in safe environments


Develop multiple intelligence(s) within all your people so they connect with their greatest brilliance (rational, intuitive, heart, emotional, social, and cultural)

Caring Mindset

Creative art-based practice fields for developing new skills in safe environments


Creative art-based practice fields for developing new skills in safe environments



The Value Of Engagement​

An engaged culture marked by high levels of involvement, consistency, adaptability, and a transparent mission improves sales and customer satisfaction and improves numerous performance measurements:

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