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Our Approach

The core resource of any organization is its people. People who are leaders at every level of the company. Leaders that are collaborative, aligned, resilient, and engaged. Who build trust, lead change, and inspire commitment and innovation in their people. Who lead from heart, mind, and purpose. 

At Yoomi, we take a holistic view of leadership. Our unique coaching methodology integrates insights from psychology, science, global business experience, leadership and management research, and human performance. We support leaders to develop the multiple intelligences needed to succeed in our high-tech, high-touch, and high-service world.

Power of the Heart

Coaching Programs

Working with individuals and teams to learn, grow, and care.

Heart of Leader Coaching

We will partner for six months of mentoring, support, teaching, and coaching to help you activate the heart of leadership to flourish as a leader and achieve your own development goals. This unique coaching method gives you powerful, scientifically-validated tools and techniques to prevent and recover from stress while building resilience and well-being in all parts of your life. Supported by our relationship, you will help you learn, grow, and transform. Access your inner power. Live your core values. Improve emotional, social, intuitive, and cultural intelligence.  Activate care in decision-making. Lead from the heart. Excel as a leader.

Executive Coaching

Senior executives are smart, transformative, and innovative. While proactively addressing disruptive change in the external world, they must collaboratively re-imagine a shared vision, reinvent their business models, and learn faster than the world around them changes. They must foster diversity of thought and build innovative, values-based cultures to inspire great performance from people across the organization. They recognize they must know themselves in other to lead others. Our executive coaching program helps you gain the knowledge, behaviors, inner leadership power, and caring mindset to lead change and positively impact your team, organization, greater society, and world.

Integral Team Coaching

No leader thinks, acts, or makes decisions alone. In fact, both individuals and teams are more innovative and productive when they belong to an aligned, values-based, and purposeful team. We believe that coaching becomes even more transformative and exponentially powerful when conducted in a team. Our methodology starts by creating an Open Space for learning, collaborating, and dialoguing. We tailor the best-fitting knowledge, concepts, techniques, tools, and experiences we can find to help you create your own unique leadership culture and team. We call this “integral” because leadership is fundamental, indispensable, and essential for excelling in today’s disruptive times.

"Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action."

Our coaching process leads you on a journey

How We See It

Our Outer Reality Mirrors Our Inner World

The most pressing challenges leaders and teams face require collaboration and innovation with people with different viewpoints, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. Yet often who are entrenched with old patterns of thinking that keep us from building true connection and co-creating real solutions. In order to see differently, we need to look within, reflect deeply, let go of limiting attitudes, and embrace new ways of being, caring, and acting. Our coaching methods activate the power of heart intelligence, lived-values, and a caring mindset to create new possibilities for success.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

Seven Cornerstones for Coaching

Caring That Matters®

Provides micro-learning systems, practical wisdom, experienced coaching, and access to the most valuable content that can be “empowered from the heart” against your most pressing concerns.

Integrates industry, line, and global expertise and values, enabling you to respect ROI while propelling yourself forward

Develops skills in stress management, resilience, and well-being in order to optimize health, decision-making, and performance

Provides structured feedback and outcomes assessment to achieve targeted goals

Uses an integrated approach to maximize the alignment between leadership change and organizational change

Helps you develop your “inner leadership” capacity and inner source of mindset, purpose, and power, translating inner awareness into organizational change

All done in context of building a mutually accountable, committed, trusting, and caring coaching relationship


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