Leadership Development

Helping leaders develop whole human beings that achieve extraordinary results.

Philosophy & Guiding Principles

At the core of every successful organization is extraordinary leadership. In today’s rapidly changing and disruptive times, leaders need to adopt a new mindset for leadership in order to unleash the extraordinary potential of their people and resources. For years, leaders have been trained in left-brained, top-down, and command-and-control styles that drive people to produce yet increase stress and reduce engagement at the same time. They limit the flexibility, autonomy, and sense of purpose that inspire employees to innovate and produce, which in turn, limits organizational agility and innovation speed. They emphasize the head over the heart, rationality over emotion, profits over people, and “high-tech” over “high-touch.” 

To be agile and truly collaborative in decision-making and to create organizations that are human-led, people-centered, and customer-and community-focused at its very heart, leaders must learn to activate their whole selves at work and in their lives. Our people-centered leadership style can be practice and learned. To us, leadership development is a journey that integrates  internal power with external awareness to achieve breakthrough levels of performance—both within one’s self and with others.

People-Centered Leadership


All our leadership development work is highly-customized in order to differentiate your business in the marketplace through your people and teams.


We build customized programs that help leaders move to their next of growth. Develop as leaders, managers, and coaches that view people as the building blocks of your firm. Learn management practices to lead from personal integrity, shape values-based cultures, treat people with dignity, respect, care, and compassion, and develop individual and team resilience. Learn how to build alignment, inspire innovation, and manage change while collaborating around real-world challenges.


We work with C-suite, functional, cross-functional, and new leadership teams to help them maximize their power and performance as individuals and teams. Often integrated with coaching and consulting, we dive into the heart of collaboration and leadership effectiveness to help teams solve problems, innovate solutions, and create mindful change.  The outcome? A high-commitment, high-performance team. A high-care work environment. Resilient people and teams. Achieve breakthrough and sustainable results.


In today’s disruptive times, leadership is needed at all levels of an organization. We work with you to develop your leadership brand that transforms the manager and employee experience. We integrate knowledge, practices, tools, experiences, and action-learning  to accelerate their growth. Learn people-oriented soft skills to maximize performance, such as coaching, communication, resilience-building, cultural intelligence, emotional and social intelligence, creativity, and decision-making.

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How We Are Different

The Leadership Journey


We see leadership at the core of any strategic transformation, especially in times of great disruption and change. We work together with you to answer the question, "How must our leaders evolve so they maximize the health of our business, the performance of our people, and our leadership in the marketplace?"


We see a leader as a whole human being who takes a holistic view of people, problems, and possibilities in decision-making. Resilient, flexible, and authentic. Masterfully integrating one's mindset, knowledge, experiences, and heart in ever-changing contexts. Accessing rational, intuitive, emotional-social, and cultural intelligence(s) while positively activating leadership in others.


Our customized programs integrate a deep understanding of global business, academic research, business frameworks, leadership tools, and practical wisdom to catalyze your success. Because every company is different, every program we co-create with clients is unique, customized, and impactful.

“The purpose of an organization to enable ordinary human beings to do extraordinary things…to make ordinary people perform better than they seem capable of, to bring out whatever strength there is in its members, and to use each person’s strength to help all the people perform.”

development at every level, for every person

The bottom line
value of leadership

Increase Loyalty


“When you develop and lead people using soft skills (like empathy, integrity, honesty, vulnerability, and care) your people will be more motivated to trust and follow you, more invested in their work, more loyal, and more highly-performing.”


Improve Service


“A people-centered strategy facilitates higher levels of customer service and enables firms to compete on the basis of knowledge, relationships, and service, not just price.”

-Jeffery Pfeffer, PhD

Drive Marketshare


“High-commitment management practices have been shown to decrease turnover and increase sales, market value, and profits.”

-Mark Huselid, PhD

Increase Engagement


“Managers account for an astounding 70% of the variance in team engagement…Engaged employees are more present and productive; they are more attuned to the needs of customers; and they are more observant of processes, standards and systems…The behaviors of highly engaged business units result in 21% higher profitability.”


Lead Effectively

Related Services

Our core work is helping leaders to lead more effectively. We do this through customized leadership development programs, one-on-one coaching, team coaching, off-site retreats, open-space labs, and the relationships formed through change. Sometimes these projects are integrated with our consulting, development, and coaching work, and sometimes they are distinct. Our focus is on delivering what’s best for you.

We incorporate industry-standard assessments so that we can clearly see the current environment, identify gaps and goals, and co-create programs with our clients. Some of these include:

  • Emotional and Social Competency Inventory
  • Tri-axial Model of Managing by Values System
  • Leadership Trust Assessment
  • Stress and Well-being Assessment
  • Team Resilience Assessment
  • Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment
  • Caring That Matters® Assessment
  • Cultural Intelligence Assessment
  • High-care Leadership Assessment
  • High-care Teams Assessment

We develop customized workshops addressing leading edge development topics. All are based on best practices and best-available research for transforming human and organizational performance. Areas of greatest impact include: fueling innovation energy in people, culture, and strategy;  leading with purpose, values, ethics, and care; developing the capacity for strategic thinking; cultivating a caring, ethical, and growth mindset culture;  and activating the power of care and soft skills in leadership  leadership;. We have experience with groups of all sizes, from global summits and organizational off-sites to team-based workshops and weekend personal retreats.   Our workshops are always unique, customized, and highly-impactful for change. They may include deep-dive journeys, open space innovations, inspiring speakers, heart-based dialogues, and powerful interactive experiences that promote learning, connection, skills-development, personal insight, and collaborative problem-solving. Some examples include:

  • Activating the Heart of Leadership
  • Activating the Heart of Teams™
  • Developing Cross Cultural Competence: Leadership Skills for a Globalized World
  • Moving beyond Diversity to Culturally-intelligent and Welcoming Workplaces
  • Innovating from the Inside Out
  • Leading in Disruptive Times
  • Managing and Coaching with Values, Purpose, and Heart
  • Resilience Advantage™: Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

Clients who seek strategic and cultural transformation realize that the process must be holistic, integrative, aligned, and connected across boundaries and borders to be successful. We specialize in helping companies be customer-centric, service-oriented, and/or innovation-empowered. We have developed proprietary methods and programs to support these goals, including:

  • Business Think and Business Care Value-Creation Programs: Building the Customer-centric Organization
  • Accelerating Innovation Energy and Open Space Environments
  • Caring That Matters® Strategies
  • Building the Resilient Organization

Innovation, change, and transformation often  need “space” in order to occur, whether that is geographic space, head space, time space, or simply the opportunity to step outside of a routine. We co-create very unique experiences with our clients to create the space needed for change to occur. 

Yoomi’s partners are heart-empowered thought leaders in the fields of business, management, leadership, organizational change, and global strategy. We give talks at industry events, company off sites, and global leadership conferences about today’s business and leadership world and the changes facing our humanity. The goals of all our talks are to educate, stimulate, challenge, and  activate the energy of change and transformation in many relevant themes like: 

  • Building High-Tech/High-Touch, High-Care/High Service, High-Commitment/High-Connection Cultures
  • Leading From the Center
  • Leading through Disruptive Times
  • The Caring Leadership Mindset
  • HeartSMART Strategy
  • Cultivating Intelligence(s) in a Global World
  • The Power of Care…The Care of Power…in a Changing World
  • Resilience and the Science of the Heart Resilience in Energizing Performance
  • Re-imagining Leadership from the Inside Out

"Those leaders who can maximize the value generated by technology and innovation by unleashing the hearts, skills, knowledge, and mindset of their leaders and people will transform their industry as well as their relationships with customers and the community."

Seven Cornerstones for Leadership Development

Caring That Matters®


Action- and practice-based learning, dealing with the strategic challenges and resources of the organization


Deep-dive journeys and open space innovation experiences to explore contexts, relationships, and ideas that matter


Creative art-based practice fields for developing new skills in safe environments


Practice scientifically founded resilience-building tools and techniques for producing generative conversation, deep listening, and authentic connections

Leading & Coaching

Practice tools and techniques for producing generative communication, coherent teams, and co-created strategies and solutions

Inner Intelligence

Develop capabilities  for connecting with the source of one’s best Self, integrating with intellectual, cultural, and emotional/social intelligence


Learn and growing within a high-trust context to enable powerful peer coaching sessions and change


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