Helping leaders develop whole human beings that achieve extraordinary results


In all our work, we think big, care deeply, and act intelligently to help you make your greatest impact. Our guiding purpose is to unleash the greatest capabilities of people with Care so that, together, we  maximize individual, organizational, and societal wealth and well being and co-create a more hopeful, better-functioning world.



For the past 15 years, YOOMI has been working closely with companies around the globe, showing them how to build grit, resilience, and heart-centered leadership by engaging the science of the heart, leadership, and performance. Our methods are focused on enhancing the most valuable asset of your business: your people. 

Our Passion

The Yoomi Way

Our process transforms businesses and aligns you to success.  

We contribute to human progress by re-imagining leadership and empowering people with care—your core resource for creating extraordinary Connection, Alignment, Resilience, and Engagement—so that companies, societies, and leaders unlock new levels of growth and impact.

The ensō is drawn in a single fluid, expressive stroke. It has many meanings, but among some are strength, elegance, infinity, the void or “nothingness,” the perfect meditative state, and satori (enlightenment). A closed circle represents perfection.  We use an open circle, which represents movement, development, and a growth mindset.

What We Do

We help clients unlock new levels of growth, innovation, and value-creation through their people by activating the Power of CARE® in their leadership, cultures, and strategies.

Our Philosophy​

We believe that people—their hearts, skills, knowledge, and mindset—are an organization’s most valuable, strategic differentiator in our globalizing, digitalized, and virtualized world.

Our Differentiators​

Our passionate focus on integrating the resource of Care with decades of hands-on, global business experience, practice-based research, and powerful methodology that blends science, creativity, human psychology, and business paradigms to deliver bottom-line results.

"Leadership is the heart of transformation. People are the heart of organizations. Care lies at the heart of inspired growth, meaningful innovation, collaborative value-creation, and real engagement."

our spirit

What's in a Name?

Yoomi (prounounced yoo-mee) is derived from the Japanese word yumi, the samurai warrior’s bow.

Our logo, the flourishing bow. Our colors, an integration of passion with commitment and human caring with bottom line results.

Yoomi is also a play on the words you and me. These two words along with the necessary philosophical connection between them represents our transformation from a knowledge to a relational era. In this era, care becomes one of our most important resources that works through, rather than competes with, our other economic resources of land, labor, and capital as well as knowledge.

Noble and authentic in spirit, Japanese Samurai were most revered for their honor and principles, living by a set of core virtues that are universal and timeless: integrity, right decisions, courage, respect, honesty, honor, loyalty, wisdom, and benevolence, or care.

Our best leaders, today, are similar warriors of heart, head, spirit, and action. They must simultaneously address and lead change; serve society, organizations, and individuals; stand in purpose and values while delivering quantitative and qualitative results. Today’s leaders must lead, and act, with care and power.


heart-empowered Leadership Principles

Strategic empowerment of People

Leadership success and organizational performance is all about empowering people to be their best selves. Why do we say this? It is people, not organizations, who make decisions, cultivate cultures, and craft strategies. People lead people and participate in teams. People are capable of change and transformation. People create, innovate, and inspire others.

Heart-empowered leadership enables people and teams to augment knowledge and rationality with purpose and the intuitive intelligence of the heart to realize exceptional performance.

All our work is grounded in three aspirational principles:

Aspiring Greatness

We work to turn all business managers and leaders into great human beings and all human beings into great managers and leaders. This process brings great fruition to people and organizations as they unleash the potential of their whole selves, teams, and resources.

Aspiring Value-Creation

An organization is, and always has been, comprised of people working in relationships and co-creating value within human value chains across interconnected ecosystems that span the globe. Our work cultivates connection across culturally-diverse workplaces, leverages flow and flexibility across systems and boundaries, and reveals new sources of value-creation.

Aspiring Transformation

Whereas "change" proposes fixes to a current system and its inherent constraints, transformation anticipates new visions, mindsets, business models, and innovations that birth emerging possibilities for performance. Our work activates the heart of leadership in people, teams, and organizations to harness the power of transformation and realize breakthrough levels of performance.

Our Founder

Dr. Kristine Marin Kawamura

Dr. Kristine Marin Kawamura, the founder of Yoomi, has spent her professional career immersed in global business, academic learning, and human development.  She has provided executive coaching, leadership and team development, culture change, and strategic planning to a wide range of business and educational clients ranging in size from individuals and startups to Fortune 500 firms. Her work helps leaders succeed by enlivening and empowering the human  elements of business and management practice in order to reconnect human health and economic wealth with social progress and to create responsible, sustainable, and innovative organizations and societies. Dr. Kawamura is trans-disciplinary, systems-oriented, and globally-aware in all her work, balancing both bottom line and deeply-human approaches to help her clients maximize results. She aligns with other experienced and similarly-minded consultants, coaches, scholars, and business professionals to empower client transformation.

A transformation agent, educator, author, speaker, and coach/consultant, she has traveled to over 80 countries. These experiences fuel her passion to help people work, connect, and collaborate across the boundaries and borders that, typically, separate us. She loves being married and being mom to their twin girls. 

Dr. Kawamura holds a PhD in Management from the Drucker School of Management, MBA from UCLA, and Bachelor of Arts, Economics, from St. Olaf College. She is certified in The Resilience Advantageand Activating the Heart of Teams™ (HeartMath); Managing by Values® and Coaching by Values® (Simon Dolan); and Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (Korn Ferry/Hay Group).

Are you ready for transformation?

It is the time for leaders to put the human being back into the business equation.